Bill Clinton, Donald Trump Are Looking VERY Crazy In The #EpsteinFiles


The poo is hitting the fan in a major way!

(AllHipHop Rumors) this ain't a rumor, people. This is the allegedly dark coming into the light! It is not a game! So, let's just take it there: the #EpsteinFiles. The allegation are WILD and charge the following, among other stuff:

1) Lawyer Alan Dershowitz is a rapist (allegedly).

2) Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrews and quite a few more were complicit in the trafficking of underaged girls (allegedly). 

3) Donald Trump was involved and may have raped a 13-yr-old girl at Epstein's mansion (allegedly).

On the sidelines there are a number of other celebrities that are either adjacent or passively implicated. 

Check these tweets out!

There is so much more to mention! Let me know when you think of this!

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Now how TF illseed gone put Trump in the headline and use his pic but he's nowhere to be found in these docs??? I can't believe the actual leftist slander being practiced up here, the average visitor isn't even gonna open this article and believe trump is involved when trump who was cleared back in 09 also worked with the same lawyer that took these interviews... Shame on u illseed. This some sucker shit OD.


yes yes let it all come out