Birdman Is Gonna Drop An Album With Young Thug!

Birdman is making all the right moves out here!

(AllHipHop Rumors) There is no question that Birdman is one of the most captivating creatures to ever walk this planet! And to be honest, I am including dinosaurs, Christ and even Bigfoot in that statement. The Birdman handrub is like a legend by itself. Time flies and we tend to forget who put it down in the earlier eras of rap. Well Cash Money is an institution! Nevertheless, its time to come full circle.

Here is how Birdman is going to do it. First of all, he is making things right with Lil Wayne, as you know. He's going to get Weezy his money, by any means. One of those means might be doing an album with a man that repeatedly dissed and idolized Wayne at the same time: YOUNG THUG. Thug has been quiet as of late, but he's rejected Gucci Mane's efforts to give him money. Perhaps that is because Thugger has Baby in his pocket? I don't know if Baby will make it happen, but I hope they do.

A recent post with London On Da Track also fed the rumors too.
What is interesting here - and this goes back to Gucci - is that that post refers to both Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug, who Gucci was trying to get at. Is this some sort of competition? I can't call it but it sure is weird.