Birdman Is Still Trolling Lil Wayne!

Birdman is back with the legendary and petty Lil Wayne trolling.

(AllHipHop Rumors) So none of us really know what's truly going on between Birdman and Lil Wayne right now, but publicly it seems that they haven't settled their beef. There were rumors that the two have quietly kind of settled some of their personal issues behind the scenes, but the legal battle is still ongoing.

I know this sounds crazy, but as wild as this will sound, sometimes I wonder if some of this is for publicity.

Anyway, Birdman took time out of his day to seemingly troll his "son" Lil Wayne. All I can hear is Rick Ross saying, "Pay that man."

"Im buyin this b-tch got to havit asap 10 bathrooms I kan sh-t all day #tunechi #originalCMB," posted Birdman.

Fans couldn't help but to notice at least three things about this post. 1. Birdman was quoting Lil Wayne lyrics, 2. He hashtagged Lil Wayne with the #Tunechi hashtag, and 3. If he purchases this tacky azz Louis Vutton toilet, he will probably be doing so with Lil Wayne's money.

Birdman, "Pay dat man" (Rick Ross voice).

What are your thoughts on Birdman's post?

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