Birdman Keeps His Eagle Eye On Lil Wayne Over The Weekend!

AllHipHop Staff

The powerful music mogul popped up during another show featuring Lil Wayne.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Wayne is one of rap's most entertaining figures of all time. The New Orleans rapper was once seriously coined the "Best Rapper Alive" and the title was fitting.

Wayne has been working through legal woes for much of the past five years. Cash Money Records, Wayne and Universal Music have been in court battling for funds Lil Wayne and camp claim they were owed.

While the court proceedings are still ongoing, Wayne and Birdman reconnected recently. The duo was seen hugging on stage at a Florida nightclub. The embrace was seen as a sign of two of Cash Money Records most memorable figures putting their differences aside.

Recently Birdman was spotted at STORY Nightclub in Miami watching again, as Lil Wayne performed his set on stage. Wayne and Birdman seem to be seriously reconnecting, but is this the beginning of a new era for Cash Money Records?
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What's up with the long shirt Weezy? More mixed-signal confusion being sent to these youngins. SMH.