Birdman's Leaked Call with Lil Wayne's Bus Shooter : "Get This Money"

This is crazy! Hopefully things were taken WAY out of context!

(AllHipHip Rumors) In the immortal words of Biggie, "Its the ones that smoke blunts witcha!" The allegations are getting heavy again Baby, the beleaguered CEO of Cash Money. He and Lil Wayne have made peace recently and Weezy is reportedly "free" now. But there are these pesky allegations that Birdman had somebody try to kill his "son." Now that does not sound like the actions of a father! Check out this news report!

The dude that actually fired the shots is now in jail for a very long time a tune of 20 years. This is just crazy! Baby and Wayne used to kiss in the mouth! How do you go from that to THIS? ALLEGED Crimes of passion!

Salute PEACE!

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Want to contradict this rumor but wow... in a perfect world “Like father like son V” would have been out already, but where there is smoke... I guess the OGBird might be into little boys after all...