Black Chyna Has A “Hacker” Or Is That Rob Kardashian?

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop Rumors) Just today, it seems like Blac Chyna has a hacker, somebody threatening to release all her biz in the streets. Its not like we don’t already know what it is, but somebody is about to put the Rogue Kardashian on full blast! As you know, she ran off with Rob and her kid and went and got her bangs cut. Anyway, she may be paying a more dire price after being hacked. Some have speculated that its really her ex-Rob. Peep what’s going on.

Yeah, I know this is Hip-Hop, but this is more entertainment.

Here she is with her lawyer.

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Some trash:

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They are also saying she hacked herself to get some attention, How can somebody want attention when they have nothing to sell.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, people are saying this episode is merely a distraction to take away from the fact that Kim kardashian left Kanye over the weekend. That’s what “they” said!

I can’t call it!

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