Black Panther Rumors Are Off The Charts!


The Black Panther is about to go to the next level after the next level.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Black Panther has already done its job, but it looks like it will be going several steps beyond. Here are the rumors. First of all, the Black Panther movie is slated to make over $250 million this first weekend, insiders say. It has broken all sorts of records for other reasons, but this one is most critical. The movie shatters the stereotype that Black movies cannot be block busters. Clearly, this is a special case in terms of it being in the Marvel universe, but its also the Blackest cast on record for a move on this scale. So, it has already broken even (backing out monies allocated to marketing and stuff. Ryan Coogler had $200 million to make this movie.)

The other rumor is that there may be some type of spin-off movie with Shuri, played by the incredible Letitia Wright in "Black Panther." In the books, we realize that she is trained in a similar fashion as T'Challa with the intellect too. In the comics, she becomes the Black Panther for a period of time. So, it has already been leaked that she may have a starring role in a future movie.

I know everybody has not seen the movie yet, but when you do, you will see there are some missing details. This leads us to realize that the sequel is already in the works. The movie is incredible. Go see it asap!

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Letitia Wright (Shuri) was adorable, but I dont know if I want to see a movie about her yet. Maybe if her character is developed more. T'Challa's character didnt really stand out as much as it should.