Black Panther Wine Festival Coming To Texas?

AllHipHop Staff

Black Panther has been a smash hit for Marvel and a new wine festival is attempting to be held in Wakanda.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Marvel film "Black Panther" has become a phenomenon. It has captured the hearts of the movie enthusiasts as well as the viewing public.

The movie has been out for almost 4 weeks now and is inching closer to a billion-dollar box office daily. Fans love the film because of its action, storyline, and relatability.

Everything attached to the Black Panther film is seeing success from clothing to video games.

A local Texas man is hoping to cash in on the trend as well and see his own profit. Davon Hatchett filed docs to trademark the name "Wakanda Wine Fest" just days after the film's release.

My guess is that I thought Wakanda could use a new sponsoring spirit. According to the documents, Hatchett wants to use the name for charitable donations, educational special events, seminars, and workshops involving wine.

It's a good attempt to capitalize off of the current fascination people have with the fictional nation of Wakanda.

Of course, the fascination will die down as soon as another premier film emerges, but you can't knock the guy for trying.It isn't the best business movie, but the guy is attempting to make moves.

In the name of Wakanda, we respect the hustle.