Bloody Shoes: Is Christian Louboutin Open To Meeting With Cardi B?


Money moves! Cardi B may be getting the shoe deal of her dreams if it all goes well.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Irv Gotti already hinted at the fact that Cardi B may be getting a shoe deal or at least doing a shoe collaborating with Steve Madden, but it looks like Cardi may be able to secure a true "bloody shoes" win if she's able to collaborate with Christian Louboutin!

Cardi’s double platinum No. 1 hit references the brand in the line:

“These is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes”.

No matter what kind of shoes a person has on when the song comes on, it seems like people imagine themselves with Louboutins on for the line.

I'm sure the line helped his sales that already don't need help.

According to the New York Times, the French designer admitted that he wasn't into rap that much, but he does know of the Bronx rapper.

“She’s a rapper? This ‘Yellow’ song? […] I don’t know much more than that, to be honest,” Christian said.

The good news is, he is open to meeting her. I know this will make Cardi happy. I hope they do a heel collaboration for the culture!

Also, apparently "Bardi" has over 90 pairs of Christian Louboutins as she, like many, feels like they are a status symbol.

Secure the bag Cardi! Make it happen!

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