Blue Ivy Reportedly Saved Jay-Z & Beyonce's Marriage!


Thank God for Blue Ivy! We have to keep our power couples together!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Jay-Z and Beyonce successfully got through a cheating scandal that secretly plagued their marriage, but it certainly wasn't easy.

According to People, an insider says it took Bey a long time to trust Jay again.

“It was very rough for them to stay married. It took Beyoncé a long time to trust again. She was struggling to move on and forgive. But keeping her family together was very important," said the insider.

Apparently a focus on parenting was the saving grace for the power couple's marriage.

“If it’s wasn’t for Blue Ivy, they might not be together. It took them years to get to the point where they are now," added the insider.

The inside source claims that Hov & Bey are very proud that they overcame huge marital issues, and they are happy they were able to move on as a family.

Having the twins also reportedly made them closer.

In a recent interview with The New York Times' T Magazine, Jay-Z was very transparent about his infidelity and other issues he and Beyonce had faced.

At first it made many say, "How in the world could you cheat on BEYONCE?", but it's obvious that Jay is just human like the rest of us.

Do you think they were truly able to move past the infidelity, or do you think that their marriage is just a "business" now?

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