Blueface Boots Momma Blueface And Sister Out Of Home For Girlfriend!

Blueface has had enough and claims his family is clout chasing!

(AllHipHop Rumors) We haven't heard the name Blueface in a minute now. We have heard more about big homie Wack, his manager. So, here we are, back like he never left! Blueface had a big hit with "Thotiana," but now he's put out a hit of sorts on his own mom and sister. Now, when I first heard this, I shook my head. But, I am not convinced that I knew the whole deal to start with.

Remember when Blueface gave his mom a $10k stack? When he did that, I figured everything was all good! But a few short months later, we are here with the family drama. As reported by The Shade Room, Blueface, his mother and his sister all got into a fight over his girlfriend. The girlfriend apparently didn't say hi to them in the house and all hell broke loose and some physicality broke out too. And then, before you know it, he's pushing the sister and the mom (or person carrying the camera) is calling the cops on him.

Here you go:

I will say this...

I am not the sort of dude that agrees with putting hands on woman.

Even when you don't agree with your mom, you have to continue to show some level of respect for her.

Honestly, he should be checking his girl on some level for not ALLEGEDLY greeting his own mother (if that really even happened).

Why do men call women "bro" or "bruh" in these times?

So this continued to play out online in "stories" and these folks were on it! I don't know how they stay so intimately involved with these random people's social media. I have to say that the sister gave a lot of perspective on what the mother has done for her son from birth to his rise as a rapper. She paints Blueface as an ungrateful son. Blueface says his mom is a "clout chaser," which may be true! But that's mom dukes! You gotta deal with it! She's probably just very proud! And, hell, she's probably happy they got some money coming in the family! This is the deal with Black people and family! You win, we win!

Damn! I feel like this is the real Family Feud!

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Yeah he is tripping trying to literally kick his sister and disrespecting his Mom...SMH Whomever the broad is he has to make her respect his Mom regardless if they get along or not... He boasting about giving his mom 10K, heck I'm an average dude and when Mom' Duke was alive I've hit her with paper like that, I got cousins who have done the same for their Mom, nothing special about blessing Moms at least not to be boasting about it. You suppose to bless her she blessed you with life you Lil' Nig-ignorant fukk boi...


I'm sorry but unless your Mother is strung out on Drugs (Heroin/Crack/Meth/Cocaine) or a raging Alcoholic NO chick ever comes before the woman who gave you life!!! She easily could've aborted your Young Dumb Ass!!!


Why bring family ish to the media.. All clout chasing