Blueface Disses Mom & Sister In Freestyle Rap: "They Musta Forgot I Was A Crip!"

Blueface is not going to relent on his mom and sis...he goes in!

(AllHipHop Rumors) These are some trying times! A young brother cannot have two girlfriends without them getting into a fight with his young mom and sister, who tries to stab him! What is this world coming to!? But the Blueface is not letting up on his mom or his sis! It was NOT bad enough to give them the big boot from the house either!!! Remember, the well-known Crip kicked them both out of the house when they became upset that one of his two girlfriends didn't speak to them. The whole thing played out on social media until the cops came in. They didn't charge Blueface with any wrongdoing even though his "family" tried to get him in trouble. That's where they went all wrong with it, in my opinion.

Anyway, he's back and he's dissing them in a song that's really what people call a "freestyle" rap. But, it just looks like he's pouring some salt in the wound.

Blueface is living his life. His girlfriends - Jaidyn Alexis and Jiggy - got matching tattoos!

They all got...Benjamin Franklin on their hands.

Jaidyn proclaimed her undying love for Blueface.

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Did this dude just go off about the bar that said had to kick my own blood out must have forgot I was a crip. THE GAME IS AT AN ALL TIME LOW. Eminem don't work in the black community cause you can't disrespect your mom around black people.


they're getting greedy