Boonk Gang Changes His Name After Brawl With Cameraman!

Rapper John Gabanna aka Boonk Gang isn’t happy with mumble rappers and recently let his feelings be known.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) The year 2018 has been an interesting year for Instagram prankster turned rapper Boonk Gang. Last week a video was posted of the rapper attacking a camera guy for allegedly disrespecting him.

According to Boonk, the videographer wasn't going to "talk to him like that" and disrespect him to his face. However, the cameraman would later shoot his own video claiming he didn't disrespect Boonk at all, but was still attacked.

Earlier this year Boonk was arrested after being caught flashing assault rifles on social media. He also passed out during an interview with Adam22 and No Jumper later this year.

Boonk would continue to be controversial this year after videos of him having sex with a woman were posted on Instagram. The videos were later deleted, but not before they began making their rounds on social media and porn websites.

Recently Boonk Gang revealed that he was no longer using drugs and was getting his life on the right path. He changed his name from Boonk Gang and is now going by the moniker John Gabbana.

Things were going good for awhile, but Boonk seems to be having issues once again after the fight with the videographer. In a new Instagram live recording, John Gabbana in on "your favorite rapper."

"Tell your favorite rapper to stop doing drugs. Maybe he could make better music.," said Gabbana.

Who is the rapper that Boonk Gang is referring to? Maybe we'll find out soon.

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Young person got attention by ill means. Now suffering identity crisis trying to maintain image and attention. Will now have to sacrifice attention for sanity and longevity of life and freedom. Or suffer the consequences.


I wish I grew up in the 90s. This is embarrassing.


This is the guy chewing Xanax bars on fb live and acts dumb and he has the balls to talks about others? lol his music is trash