Boonk Gang Gets Jaw Jacked By Unknown Associate!

Recently Rapper Boonk Gang had to get surgery after being assaulted by unknown man.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper Boonk Gang has been one of Rap’s bad boys over the past few years. Known for his social media antics, Boonk has amassed a following for himself.

However, his antics have been affecting his health. Boonk’s 15 minutes of fame has been filled with controversy.

If it wasn’t a fight, it was a viral video of the rapper stealing from businesses. A method that Boonk would turn into a business strategy.

It worked for a while until his lifestyle began to catch up to him. Boonk would go on to release a sex tape on his social media account via a hacker and would infamously pass out during an interview with No Jumper’s Adam22.

Now Boonk is in the rumors for a new reason. Allegedly his jaw was broken and now the rapper is in the hospital after getting punched.

A sucker punch from an unknown associate led to the hospital, but man it has to be hard for some of these up and coming rappers!

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Boonk got BONKED! Back in the day getting beat up was something you hid. Even the people that did the beating. Now, everybody brags lol