Boosie BadAzz Is Looking For 3 New Baby Mamas!

BadAzz has 7 kids but he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. He actually says he has good sperm, and if it drops on your arm you will get pregnant!

by ClassicOne

Boosie wants a pair of twins also. The rapper is definitely looking for someone to put a baby in! Boosie says you have to be a bad b*tch, pretty, can’t be money hungry, and you have to have a nice personality. Boosie says his previous 5 baby mamas are not potential candidates for conceiving the next 3 kids.

Having 5 baby mamas sounds like a headache, but Boosie says the problem comes when the moms try to compete with each others with their kids. Well ladies if you are interested and fit the requirements, get at Boosie ASAP! LOL.