Boosie Thinks Some Of These Alleged Sexual Assualt Victims Are Lying

Boosie said everyone wasn't getting raped and, "Somebody bent over and said yes."

(AllHipHop Rumors) Boosie BadAzz is surely one entertaining and passionate rapper!

During a recent interview with DJ Vlad, he revealed that he's not buying all of the stories from all of these alleged victims of sexual assault. He feels like it's getting out of hand, and some of these women are lying.

"I think they starting to go with a latch on now. I don't think everybody.... All that raping ain't going on. Somebody lying now. Somebody is definitely lying now. Where all this rape sh-t...because people are getting paid now. People are getting paid now and compensated. A lot of people just following the train. Now I feel like a lot of it went on, but it's getting out of hand now. Everybody didn't do all of these rapes man....Somebody bent over and said yes. Period man. These are famous people. Some stuff probably went..but every body man. They just want the money. They settling in court. They just want the money. They don't want to take it to court. They know they can get the money out of you. It's a new thing. It's starting to come back around," said Boosie.

Boosie said that the early '90s is coming back around as everyone is getting accused of things that they may not have done.

BadAzz says that some of these women could just be bitter women who were side chicks and now they are mad because the men have successful lives, and they never got updated to the main chick role.

What are your thoughts on Boosie's comments? Do you think that some of these women are lying?

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He has a lot of comments concerning gay dudes bro... i think Boosie has secrets


Is he on crack or something? LMAO


i fuckin love when Boosie does Vlad interviews, nigga is all about the facts.