Bow Wow Accused Of Posting Someone Else's Money On Instagram

(AllHipHop Rumors) Shad "Bow Wow" Moss may have tried too hard to stunt for the Gram. A few days ago Bow Wow posted a picture of a stack of money to his Instagram page. The caption reads, "Liquid cash.... **** a net worth!"

That seemed fine until another IG user claimed Bow stole his pic to pretend the money really belonged to the actor-rapper. Millionaire stock trader Timothy Sykes called out Bow Wow. He wrote:

Another musician [Shad Moss] is using my cash photos, c'mon Bow Wow, don't post in black & white, at least use my original photo in all its glory or better yet, go signup at so I can teach you how to make it yourself so you don't have to reuse anyone else's photo, you can be my next millionaire student id you're dedicated!

After the Internet began bashing Bow Wow for apparently lying about the cash, he returned to IG to show he did actually have at least $40K to show off. Bow added, "I could really turn up on the gram. Lawd knooows I'm trying to be humble." That still didn't sit well with people on IG. Users flooded Bow Wow's comment section with jokes and critiques.

Check out Bow Wow and Timothy Sykes' Instagram posts and some user comments in the gallery below.