Bow Wow Gets Roasted For Lusting After Iggy Azalea!


Come get Lil Bow Wow! Shad Moss is on Twitter acting up once again, trying to lick Iggy's peach!

(AllHipHop Rumors) While Iggy Azalea's music career may not be popping right now, her build-a-body is!

We all took notice, and many commented. Unfortunately, Black Twitter has cancelled Bow Wow time-after-time, so of course he got roasted for lusting over Iggy's curves!

"Oh my gawd ~~@~~IGGYAZALEA got me feeling some type a way. Yall know im nasty i swear for gawd i would," tweeted Bow Wow.

Bow Wow just can't get right. By now, you would think he would have figured out how to not get roasted. I mean these two might as well hook up and find love in a hopeless place the way people dislike both of them. LOL.

Check out some of the responses to his thirst below!

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Looks like Bow Wow's regularly scheduled L is right on time


Lmao...that is how lil wizzy thinks he can accomplish his goal? Man some cats do not know what's up


If its clean lil man, but is you not me.. For me that treatment is reserved strictly for wifey!