Bow Wow Recants It All! What Caused Him To Spazz?

The world wants to know why Bow Wow went a bit zany!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I feel bad for Shad Moss aka Bow Wow. The guy is now a grown ass man, but still called Lil Bow Wow by unscrupulous, disrespectful people that won't allow him to be a LION! Anyway, he and his mentor Jermaine DuPri had been going back and forth on social media. And, Bow Wow made some weird claims about JD, threats that included his wife. To this day, nobody really knows what those threats entailed. Nevertheless, this came on the heels of Bow Wow claiming he was addicted to LEAN. I would imagine it looks like this:

People don't realize that they are promoting death, even though they are selling it under the guise of trolling. ANYWAY! Bow Weezy came to his senses today and offered an apology to everyone.

I am thinking lil homie needed that money from the SoSo Def Tour. But, for now, I accept the apology.

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That’s that bi-polar Columbus Ohio shit