Bow Wow’s New Beef Could Have Home Beat Down Again!

Bow Wow may need to call Snoop Dogg to help him out of this one.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The older I get, the more I realize rap beef is dumb. Back in the day, it was a challenge to be more lyrically DOPE than another rapper. Now, rappers beef over other things.

Let’s take Bow Wow and Trippie Redd. Both rap artists are from Ohio. Bow Wow, at this point, is an “elder” even though he is only in his early 30’s. Trippie Redd is one of the up-n-coming rappers and he’s only 18. Now, Trippie Redd is sort of like a horrorcore dude that is on the same label as Tekashi69 (6ix 9ine).

Instead of working together, these dudes are at odds over who “runs” Ohio. I am unable to claim a song from either, but I know kids that love. Bow Wow songs. He’s a legend to kids that are actually about the same age as Trippie. But not Trippie. He’s levying threats to his OG.

Thanks AK...Just what I needed to write about as Stephon Clark continues to be maligned in the press.