Bow Wow Wants To See His Therapist After Twitter Meltdown

Bow Wow lost it on social media and more than a few people better stay out of his way.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Watching Bow Wow mature in the Hip-Hop world has been an interesting thing. The former child star has had an off and on relationship with the music industry since his reign on top of the music over a decade ago.

The rapper has been out of spotlight for much of this year. This after the #BowWowChallenge became popular a year ago.

Bow Wow has still remained vocal while being out of the spotlight by using his social media platform and during a series of interviews. Over the weekend, he took to Twitter to share some love once again.

However, things went left after tweeting a photo of his girlfriend and a Twitter user responding with a photo of their own and calling him a cheater. Bow Wow would then go on a tirade.

"I dont do cameras u stupid b##ch! Come in my section recording! So we shut your bright ass camera down u got mad so u tweet my b##ch. Id pay a b##ch 1000 to slap the lacefront off yo dusty ass! This goes for the rest of you hoes! LEAVE ME AND MINE THE F##K ALONE. Man you know what! F##K EVERYBODY! Im on 1 today! Mafukkas do too much B##CH S##T nowadays! Next person whip they fu##ing phone out while im in the club tryna host blinding me whith that light IMA SLAP YOUR S##T OUT YOUR F##KING HANDS MYSELF.," said Bow Wow.

He continued, "I hate you f##king bloggers too! Shaderoom i f##k with. All you other gossiping ass hateful sites F##K YOU! your comment sections F##K YOU! SMASH OR PASS BULLS##T I WOULDNT F##K YOU UGLY I SHOP AT LANE BRYANT B##CHES EVER! F##K YOU! When i land i gotta go see my therapist .... I SEE RED AGAIN IM@ OUT TO DO SOMETHING STUPID TO SOMEONE TODAY! Mafukkas keep playing with me. This go for you bloggers too... im not done i got time today."

Hopefully Bow Wow gets that much needed help he's seeking. If so, things could possibly get better for him.

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This dude is a grown ass man kid. Trolling. Get help for that.