Brother Nature Attacked For Not Speaking Nicely To People?

Simone Grant

Brother Nature has been attacked at a local Miami pizza shop while people surrounding him records.

Popular YouTuber, Brother Nature was assaulted at a pizza shop in Miami! 

The 21-year-old was doing a cleanup at the beach and stopped to get food at La Sandwhicherie and was suddenly brutally beaten up by a very angry non-fan.

In a video that has been released on the internet by Twitter user @Phatdabb-gmn, the attacker can be seen kicking Nature, whose real name is Kelvin Pena, as he calling him a n***a.” The attacker also yells that Pena “needs to learn how to speak to people.” Nature also doesn’t fight back in the video which only amps the attacker to keep on punching.

Nature posted on Twitter his frustrations with those who did not choose to help him, instead just pulled out their phones to record.

He also posted a video of himself following the attack. He doesn’t look all that bad but you can things got way out of hand.

 There’s no word on what went down between the two, but I’m assuming he said something that didn’t sit well with his attacker. 

Maybe the guy tried speaking to Nature and he didn’t speak back? Maybe he bumped into him and didn’t say excuse me? Maybe he said something over the internet to offend him? Who knows?