BS STUFF: Dave Chappelle, Kodak Black, And Chuck D


Here is some random BS from all over.

Kodak Black Goes To Court, Smiles for The Cameras

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I don’t know what Kodak Black is in court for. I just know he looks like that chick on “Orange Is The New Black.” Maybe that can call it, “Orange Is The New Kodak Black” now? Ok, I’m done.

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Chuck D And The Impossibulles Are CAPING For Bernie!

“Bernie Got Berned” - uh oh! When Chuck D talks you have to listen. At first, I was like “WTF,” because the video is so low budget. But then I listened to the message and it was some of the realest bars I have heard all year! Go, Chuck! Damn, Bernie. I thought we were going to do it.

Dave Chappelle Explains Why He Is Not A Trump Supporter

The media is on some BS! We were too for a second, since we repurposed somebody else’s BS. We fixed it though! Anyway, it was a Trump-supporter site that wrote it in the first place. We should be ashamed!