Bullet Proof: Young Dolph Has A Message For His Shooters!


Be safe though! Young Dolph isn't phased or bothered by his enemies or his haters.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Ummmm I need for the senseless violence to stop! It's time for Young Dolph & Yo Gotti and their respective crews to bury the hatchet!

As you know, Young Dolph survived an [murder] attempt on his life when over 100 shots were fired at his bullet proof sprinter during CIAA weekend.

After an altercation, Young Dolph was also recently shot in Los Angeles. Thankfully he survived.

The situation has gotten so hot at this point, that it seems like it still won't end well, but Young Dolph seems to be saying that he isn't hiding, and he isn't phased by anyone wishing bad on him or trying to stop his grind.

"No fuk nixxa formed against me shall prosper!

It seems like even if he fell back and said and did nothing that people would still be after him. With this said, the Twitter fingers statements, I'm sure aren't making it better.

He's quickly becoming another Yung Mazi.

It seems like he's taunting the people who are after him, basically reminding them that they didn't get him once again. It's like "Almost got me! But ya gotta be quicker than that!"

I surely hope Dolph can avoid any other altercations or shootings!

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Everything you need to know in one sentence:

The record labels are laughing to the bank.


Dolph be a man and pick up all the pieces.i just wanna see you make the whole crowd bounce


Idiots talking about "where your shooters" like this aint real life. Its open season on minorities and this is yr 1. Get a grip, get your doctrine or business license and make it undeniable for the rest of your life


Proof some niggaz don't roll with goons. After the first incident he should have shooters with him at all times. He asking for it by taunting niggaz. I am just waiting for him to start using tupac phrases and comparisons. The record labels are laughing to the bank.