Busta Rhymes Possible Collabs With Nicki Minaj And Drake


(AllHipHop News) Busta Rhymes has been signed to Cash Money Records for over a year, but the rap god has yet to collaborate with two of the brightest stars on the label.

He explained to Rolling Stone why he's yet to get in the studio with Nicki Minaj or Drake.

Um . . . and you haven't heard anything with me and Nicki. "Roman's Revenge (Remix)," that was something I did on my own. It wasn't like an official remix, so technically, we haven't gone in to do a record neither. So, Drake and Nicki, we haven't gone in, no. ... It usually happens when the times are right or when the idea is right. ... We've talked before. I've had several conversations about doing records with Drake, we've actually been in the studio trying to fuck around. Same with Nicki. It just . . . when we start an idea, sometimes you get distracted. The stars just hasn't aligned yet for that to actually happen. I think also, schedule. They've been shaking consistently for the last two, three years, putting out an album a year."

Busta said the he expects all parties to get together soon and already has something with Drake that he's cooking up.

"They've been touring, ripping and running. And then when they're down, she's busy taping this American Idol sh*t and all of that; Drake is working on a new album. It's just hectic, hectic schedules. You can definitely look forward to something eventually coming together, us collaborating. I have something that's actually halfway done with Drake on a J. Dilla beat. It's incredible."

In 2012, Busta Rhymes released his ninth solo album, Year of the Dragon.