Student Will Eat Free All Year Thanks To T.I.!

T.I. has stepping in and offered to assist a student after a Florida teen was denied school lunch .

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Not only is T.I. the king of the south, but he's also growing into a great humanitarian.

The rapper, entertainer, mogul and activist has always been one to help his fellow man.

However, over the past few years we've seen a motivated T.I. as he's attempted to grow as a leader. His community outreach has grown as his career has once again began to see new heights.

It's safe to say that the king of the south is now a king of the people and a rather good one. Recently T.I. was informed of an incident that didn't set well with him and he sought to fix the situation.

A Florida student was denied a school meal after being short 15 cents and had their meal thrown away by school staff. T.I. decided to step in and help after hearing about the unfortunate incident at the school.

This s##t is despicable!!!, said T.I.

He continued, This is the kind of s##t that deters kids from coming to school. Id like to take care of her school lunch for the year. I hate to hear this type of thing happening to our children. Petty ass, peon ass, poor excuse for a grow person.

T.I. would then offer to assist the student for the rest of the school year and agreed to cover all the meal costs. Not only is that a wonderful thing, but it shows others the true leader that T.I. is becoming.