Hotel Staffer Claims Usher Hooked Up With Accuser At Days Inn

This has gone way too far with these accusers. Usher's next project is going to be fire!

(AllHipHop Rumors) This has gone way too far. If folks were unsure about whether or not they were on Usher's side in the beginning, they are definitely on Usher's side after the statements made by one of the accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, in his herpes scandal.

Big girls need love too, but you will NOT convince me that Usher had sexual relations with this girl unless their is a tape. LOL.

Sharpton is a known liar, and she's already lied about being pregnant by August Alsina, working at Def Jam, and being in fake relationships with a number of other celebrities.

She had the nerve to do a press conference with lawyer, Lisa Bloom, where she claimed that she was hand-picked from the crowd during an Usher concert, invited backstage, and allegedly her and Usher met up and had sex.

She says that she's suing Usher for exposing her to genital herpes, despite the fact that she doesn't have the virus.

According to TMZ, the concert in question took place in Atlantic City.

Word on the curb is that Sharpton allegedly snuck in the concert.

I don't know how much Sharpton or Bloom is paying this person, but now someone who says she worked at the Days Inn in Atlantic City told TMZ that she saw Usher come into the lobby shortly after midnight on November 16. She says Sharpton came down, greeted the singer in the lobby and brought him to her room.


The woman says she asked Usher for a pic, but he never returned. Sources close to Usher have stated that he never had sex with Quantasia because she is NOT his type.

I'm sorry, I'm never going to be convinced that this known liar had sex with Usher. Usher has to sue her for defamation or something. What are your thoughts?

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this is sad