Cam’ron & Mase: The Beef Rages On…

Mase and Cam is not over and Mase has started his victory lap. Mase is talking very candidly.

(AllHipHop Rumors) First things first…if you have been watching the social media platforms, you know that the beef with Cam and Mase is not quite yet over. They are still going at it, just not all crazy. First of all, Stason Betha - Mase’s sister - has categorically denied having sex with Cam. she told Cam, “NEVER NI99A YOU IN A BAD FUCCIN DREAM.” I think that means she’s telling the truth. Other than that, Mase has openly stated in comments on social media that they are not cool. "We’re not cool. I shook his hand cause I won. That’s it. As a man that’s what you do after you win unanimously,” Mase said. "We been enemies way longer than we been friend. I know him more as an enemy more than a friend," Mase said on Hot 97.

He continued on Ebro in the morning.

Just in case Cam don't no..He lost.


I like Cam’s music but he seems like the type of cat I’d never associate with in real life. An opportunist


camron is a real life Rico "paid in full"

Ebro is a dickhead! Super wack!

Both them shits were WACK!!!! Their bars were mediocre ... why hasn’t Mase or Puffy denied the dildo shit lmao lol


Only thing Mase murdered was his career!

@Sociacy That's a very good question.


Ma$e got off because Cam beat a dead horse & this was Ma$e 1st response. Well played. Cam drop 10 songs with him Juelz and Jones all getting a verse. Game Over for Everybody! Dipset Sells as long as ppl think they together. All they gotta do is each others Ad-Libs Ha!


@That_Dude I’m glad somebody else sees the fleas on the elephant ...

Hip Hop is really letting a nigga who fucked a tranny be considered as a winner in a rap beef? Hip Hop is taking an L for this shit, if Pimp C were here he’d be shamed.

@Plug229 . . . "if pimp c were here. . ." you do realize he killed himself right? i mean you wishing a guy who killed himself were still here to say what in regards to a guy who "fucked a tranny"???

and thats no disrespect to pimp c but you wanna rely on a dead guy who killed himself

@breeze315 pimp c died of a sleep apnea and accidental od not the same as "killing yourself"