Cam’ron May Be Done With Jim Jones For Real This Time!


Cam’ron may be really throwing in the towel this time when it comes to his relationship with his former pal Jim Jones.

by ClassicOne Rumors

(AllHipHop Rumors) Cam’ron sat down for an interview with Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez where he talks about everything from lawsuits to new endeavors.

When Angie asked Cam about his current relationship with Jim Jones, he expressed that he thinks he’s done with the fellow Dipset member.

“I don’t really mess with Jim no more to be totally honest. You know why because Jim puts a lot of things publicly. I don’t put our business publicly, If it’s a problem you got my phone number you can call me and we can resolve it. Same thing you said with Dame you don’t really know that we got a problem. If you have a real issue and you got my number call me. But once you start taking it to social media and radio I gotta curve, and it kept happening repeatedly,” said Cam.

Cam used the example of Jim Jones telling the world that he blocked him. Cam said he blocked Jim because Jim and Mendeecees had a problem, they supposedly squashed it, but Jim Jones got mad with Cam’ron posting a photo with Mendeecees who he believed to be a snitch.

According to Cam, this probably will be the last time he speaks on Jim Jones. Cam said he probably handled a situation wrong 10 years ago, but today he isn’t on any of that and he isn’t putting any of Dipset’s business out for the public.

Cam said fans will probably get music, but only through their separate collaborations with Juelz Santana. Cam is hilarious because he’s doing things to make Jim get in his feelings, but then saying Jim needs to stop telling everyone. LOL. Cam still wishes him well.