Can Quavo Resurrect Iggy Azalea's Career?


Is Iggy gearing up for a comeback?

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) No sooner than the Aussie rapper made a few bold statements about Cardi B’s recent Billboard accomplishment, it appears that she now has a few tricks up her sleeve in order to get back to the “top”.

Recently, at a presentation for Monster Electronics, Iggy Azalea announced that she will have a new song which will feature Migos frontman, Quavo.

Monster recently signed on Iggy for endorsement, which has been rumored to rub MANY people the wrong way.

Allegedly, Cardi was also pushed for the same position, along with another black woman, but only Iggy was signed on.

One would wonder why Cardi, who is clearly the bigger star, would be passed over for such an opportunity.

Inside sources claim that the company allegedly felt like Cardi didn't fit the brand, but apparently Iggy's "Murder Game" did.

But, nevertheless, maybe Iggy can finally gain some traction with a Quavo feature. Look for her song to possibly be apart of a Super Bowl commercial for Monster.

Do you think Quavo & Monster can save and boost her career?

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Ya'll serious they picked her cause it was cheaper.