Cardi B Addresses Her Haters Who Credit Her Success To Colorism!

Cardi B isn't playing with y'all, and she is through with letting you discredit her achievements!

(AllHipHop Rumors) While celebrating the success of her hit "Bodak Yellow" hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Cardi B has also taken out much time to address her haters.

Not only has Cardi addressed all of the folks that doubted her and told her she'd never amount to anything, she's also addressed the haters like Azealia Banks and other delusional folks on Twitter who think her success is due to and rooted in issues of colorism.

I thought it was just delusional Azealia Banks who thought that Cardi hit No. 1 because she's "light-skinned" and of Dominican and Trinidadian descent, until I got on Twitter, and other women from "Black Twitter" thought the same.

I pride myself at being a pretty fair person, and an honest one, and I can truly say that Cardi B did not hit No. 1 because of her skin complexion.

She had a song that was catchy and infectious, and she did the work as far as promo.

There have been plenty of female rappers to see success that was never based on their skin complexion!

"This was Oct 1 2016, around this time last year, I was going to every state promoting my music and investing in my music. Party radio stations podcast .A lot of program directors and DJs thought I wasn’t ready no matter how good the numbers on my mixtapes where ,they thought it was a GIMMICK .I felt like they wasn’t f-cking with me cause I wasn’t signed to a major label .So then I signed to Atlantic and I felt like Atlantic wasn’t doing much for me neither, they just kept telling me “gotta come harder” ,so I slaved my self in the studio till I got my big major hit. Neither my ass ,titties ,beauty or skin complexion got me where I’m at .Around this time last year I was still a bad b-tch and people was telling me NO .Nobody wanted to do NO FEATURES with me or put me on major stages, I had to prove everybody that I wasn’t just a pretty ,funny reality tv star ⭐️ and that music was my passion and that’s why I’m here .Thank you to you all for letting me prove it to y’all that’s why I hit the #1 and I’m going to keep proving it," posted Cardi.

What do you think of Azealia and other's comments on Cardi's success?

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We already know that the music industry has BEEN colorist since it's inception. To say that you don't benefit from light-skinned, big booty women being considered most attractive is asinine. This is not to say Cardi is not talented, but colorism is very real and has real outcomes. Ya'll don't like to address them, but hell, that doesn't make it any less pervasive.