Cardi B Addresses "Phony" Fiasco At Rolling Loud? Defends PR Rep!

There was something off about when Offset interrupted.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Was the whole thing fake? I am not sure that this thing was real. Only thing: I don't think anybody told Cardi B that it was fake. This whole thing is just on my last nerve. I cannot think of a moment in time when such BS has been so pervasive in our lives and we didn't have control of it.

Cardi B seemed genuinely pissed at Offset when he interrupted her set at the Rolling Out Festival, where she was making history as the first woman to headline the event. Dude was wrong and needs somebody in his team (OR OUTSIDE OF HIS TEAM) to counsel him on how to get his lady back. I think the whole thing is phony for a bigger press look to set up something. Maybe new music from them both. Here is some "proof" - Cardi B's own PR apparently leading Offset to the stage.

Offset not only got backstage, brought a gang of props backstage, made it past general security and Cardi B's security, get on stage with it all, unchecked by anybody....? YUP!

Cardi B says it wasn't a stunt, fake or anything else we theorize. She defended her publicist too.

She loves Patience! I can respect it, but it definitely doesn't mean that Offset didn't have help! He did!