Cardi B Backs Down From A Gang War!

Cardi B is not about to mess up her good thing over Bloods and Crips!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Cardi B is still doing her thing. Its like she was able to surf over all the waves of hate. One wave that looked like a BLUE tsunami came after Bardi - a known Blood - posted something that seemed to disparage Crips. Under and IG post, she said, “I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin.” Well, she immediately started getting death threats and got her Cali pass revoked. She removed the statement, but left the picture.

Like a smart(er) person, Cardi has not responded to the numerous threat hurled in her direction. People have done much worse. I can't see this turning into the end of a rap star.

less said is best said. Words to live by

Cardi big mouth finally got her in trouble...Crips run L.A. and the music industry in Hollywood. C what Nipsey and Snoop feel about this?

you big dummy, i can tell you not from cali...nipsey and snoop not worried about what cardi saying on the internet...smh

all you dumb muthafuckas talkin bout people still gangbangin in 2018??? you think thing these gang leaders and gang members workin with these cartels can just stop?????????????? bitch in chicago and LA that shit is culture it aint never going nowhere ever till the government blow up the hoods of both cities!!!!! fuck do you dumb suburb ass clowns be talkin bout??? gangbangin aint no fad in chicago and LA like it is in all you other fuck niggaz cities these niggaz is fuckin with real cartels doin real street shit that you internet niggaz know nothing about and they will kill people for disrespect or coming between they money this dumb bitch cardi showed the world her internet antics are just that, internet antics.... she deleted that shit cause in real life she disrespected the crips and they dont give one fuck what you clown ass internet niggaz think about gangbang culture from behind ur fuckin computer screen!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness. Stop it. I hate when black folks be on here acting like gang banging is the thing to do. As a person that has lived in LA and has family members that are affiliated with gangs in the middle of Compton, I know, it ain't nothing sweet, nothing to brag about. People have been killed, lives have been taken, businesses have closed because they have been shot up, and it's not cool. Why are you on the internet flexing like it is? Stop it, man. What's cool is an education, taking care of each other, and loving each other. Black folks got enough targets on their backs without having to worry about some gangs. Crips, bloods, and all the rest of them, in 2018 if you haven't learned it ain't no money in killing each other over property and streets you don't own then something is wrong. Cartels? That ain't sweet either.....stop glorifying bs, like it's cool cause it's not. And yes, I've spent time in Mexico too, ain't nothing sweet about that either, so stop it.

Boy you sound like the clown of the century. Talking about "internet niggaz', but talking tough on the internet. I'm from New Orleans where no color ever was more important than that green. (Don't know where Dwayne Carter got that blood shiit from, not the UPT.) But these babies is the key. And if you are raising your kids to continue that gang culture or any kind of negativity you are a COMPLETE LAME.