Cardi B Claps Back At Comedian Sommore!

Money Moves! Cardi B isn't interested in taking unsolicited advice from washed comedians!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! It looks like comedian Sommore is not a Cardi B fan!

Sommore posted Cardi's "Bodak Yellow" video to her Instagram with a caption that said,

"Just cause you busy don't mean your winning.... You better be reading ya paper work!"

It didn't take Cardi B long to reply to her subliminally.

Cardi posted,

"Coming from nothing isn't winning, doing everything they said I couldn't because of my stripper past isn't winning, taking care of my family isn't winning, reaching the top of the billboard charts when everybody said NO isn't winning??? If this ain't winning sis you tell me what is!! I know you must be so busy and overbooked that finding the time to give me "advice" was hard!! But I talk to Christ and my mother everyday and I don't need it!!

If Sommore doesn't actually have a problem with Cardi, posting her video surely wasn't a good idea, and it wasn't a good example of what she was trying to say.

If Sommore felt the need to suggest that Cardi needed to read her paperwork, couldn't she just have reached out to her?!

Now while I can agree that busy certainly doesn't mean productive or winning, Sommore is looking like a shady hater right now. Cardi's fan and others wasted no time letting Sommore have it in her comments.

What are your thoughts? Is Sommore a hater? According to the fans, she's washed up and bitter.

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not sure if any of yall heard her interview on the radio before bodak yellow blew but trust she is thinking long term.


Folks need to recognize Sommore has a degree from a major university in business. She's BEEN handling hers for years; we'll see how long Cardi holds it down and how she does financially in the long term.



Cardi IS winning and people ARE hating.


Cardi is my main side chic right now. BUT she should check ALL paperwork at ALL turns- Paying someone for opportunity provided is wild