Cardi B Defends "Trap Selena" Lyric & She's Going Blind W/o The "D"

Cardi B has sent out some more out of pocket tweets. LOL!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Cardi B is known just as much for her wild, crazy, and often controversial statements as she is for her high-charting music.

Well, to no surprise, in the last 48 hours, Cardi has also sent out some more interesting tweets.

In one tweet, she tells her followers that she's going blind since Offset hasn't given her the "D" in 13 days, and in another she defends calling herself the "Trap Selena" as she says everyone wanted to be Selena at one point.

"It’s been 13 days with out NO DICK !I’m losing eyesight on my left

"I said Trap Selena because who didn’t wanted to be Selena?She is a alter ego that everybody would want to be and i want the world to know how much i love her," tweeted Cardi.

“Let me wrap my weave up, I’m the trap Selena, Dame más gasolina,” she rapped on "Motor Sport".

This angered some Selena fans because they felt that the late legend would've never behaved the way Cardi behaves, and they feel that Cardi hasn't achieved the same success that Selena has for her to even be in the same lane or sentence as Selena.

Do you think people are overacting to the lyric, or do they have a point?

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