Cardi B Fends Off Attacks And Threatens...WHO?

Cardi B seems to have a few issues moving around, Rihanna, Pinesol and LGBT

(AllHipHop Rumors) Cardi B is a live wire! There is no question about it! She is the topic of discussion and that's THAT. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. Right now, its BOTH. I saw that she was being accused of making trans-phobic comments. I wasn't sure what it was because its Sunday! Can I get some time in with my family and loved ones. I don't have those, but if I did, that is exactly how I would feel. Anyway, Cardi is allegedly saying these things. And then I see the real Cardi replying to the allegations. This is what she said:

This is the thing that got it all started.

Then somebody replied with this like it was transphobic too. Is it?

And then the whole fiasco turned into The Bardi Gang vs The Barbz! And they drug out this old clip pf Nicki!

DAMN! I am soooooo glad there was no social media when I was coming up.

And then on IG, she put this up there and it was ominous af!

What does it mean? Is it for Offset? Nobody knows! They just know that Pinesol and Apple Juice have a very different smell! But what if you do it over years? Offset needs to know what he's getting into! I mean, already into! And Rihanna stopped following her on IG! Why? RiRi is getting older, but I know she still crazy af! Don't get too haughty now!

Anyway. Cardi seems to be enjoying motherhood and we are enjoying the view.