Cardi B Friend Blames Nicki Minaj For Being Molested!? How!?

Just when you thought it would not get any sillier! IT DOES!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I hate when my girlfriend gives me this look:

But this is the look she gave somebody else today, thank goodness. I'm sitting at home and somebody emails me a link to this page. Now, I have to admit this is pretty damn silly, and I know some readers are going to attack me for this. But, I am willing to take the shots! So, fire away! At any rate, the war with Nicki and Cardi may be over for now, but folks are still talking about things on the sideline. This dude Jason Lee is a friend of Cardi B, but he's a "thing" all by himself. He's the co-founder of Hollywood Unlocked, but he was also molested. That's a terrible thing, no doubt. However, the question at hand is how did Nicki Minaj get looped up in here? I have no Idea! But it happened!

Sooooooooo.....if I am reading this right...the Barbz have attacked dude online because he seems to be very close to Cardi B. i mean, it seems like every other picture is with Cardi. I ain't made! Get your flick, boo boo! But, it definitely seems like he's inserting himself in the beef and the tension to get some extra credit! Nicki is definitely in a crazy place with a brother that is now a convicted child molester. I just cannot see how that comes into play with Nicki! He's basically saying that she is a supporter of the person LIKE the person that molested him. So, I get how he can transfer that to social media.

Now, you can feel free to attack me for writing this trash!

On a side note, a lot of people were Cardi B for Halloweeen!

Angie Martinez!

And this person wins the BIG Prize.

Congrats - yaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss!