Cardi B Gets Accused Of Stealing New Song “Be Careful”


Cardi B might be biting from an up and coming rapper. Who do you believe? Check the vid!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Here we go again. Cardi B is accused of stealing a song 4 years old from an up-and-coming rapper. This isn’t a good look, especially since “Bodak Yellow” was borrowed heavily from a song from Kodak Black. So, for this to happen…yikes! On top of it, this is the lead single from her first album with comes out in about a week.

Look at the stats from the person that wrote it.

““Be careful” was not written by Cardi B nor is it her track. @lifeofthepardi was rapping the exact same lyrics over the exact same beat last year in a video on his instagram.. #CardiB #BeCareful #BodakYellow #AtlanticRecords #Frauds

And the crazy part is that Kelani jumped on the wave and commented. It was not pretty.
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Wow.....she did steal cuh shit DAMN!!!! welp whip out that checc cook....