Cardi B Goes Off On Haters & Nicki Minaj Stans!

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(AllHipHop Rumors) With success comes haters!

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Cardi B has certainly had one hell of a come up as she went from stripper-to Instagram star- to reality star- to rapper!

The outspoken rapper not only got her first BET Awards nomination this year, but she also made her entrance on the Billboard Top 100 this week, making her the only female rapper to debut this year without any features.

Cardi took to the 'gram to celebrate her accomplishment, but of course everyone wasn't happy for her.

Her post went from,

"Top one Hunned !!!!Lets get it all the way up there ,THAAAAANKKK YOUUU ..too all the DJs playing BODAKYELLOW On the radio on the clubs ,Promoters ,Dancers doing choreography to it ,Instafamous people doing vids ,Celebs bumping to it and most importantly BARDIGANG!! For Supporting and showing LOVE TO BODAK YELLOW."


"Other people fan be on my d-ck more then my own fan..Trying to start problem I mind my business stop sniffing my d-ck ..D-CK EATERS. B-tch nikkas tag me 3 times on the sh-t non stop & it is my business cause It's MY NAME MY PICTURE..soo how that's not my business,"

Nicki Minaj's stans have wanted there to be beef between Cardi and Nicki so bad ever since Remy Ma brought Cardi B out on stage at Summer Jam.

Cardi already stated that she has beef with no one, and she refuses to miss out on opportunities because other people have beef.

"It's Brazy I dont involve my self in no rap beef & Y'all d-ck eaters be trying to start sh-t every single motherf-cking day, !!" said Cardi.

Apparently Cardi grew tired of Nicki's trolling fan base and decided to clap back! We don't blame her. Why can't we all just get along? Why are they always trying to put female artists against each other?

Man, some of these fan bases are vicious! Are you truly feeling Cardi B's music?

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