Cardi B Has A New Rap Beef And Its Not Who You Think!


Most of the Three 6 Mafia liked Cardi's homage to "Chickenhead," but one of them is not.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The beef game has changed so much! Anybody can beef with anybody at anytime. We don't want it, but we do want it. We want blood! Well LaChat is not a slouch in the historical context of dope rappers. She's just not poppin' in the modern day. She IS however, a legend. She's a legend lyrically as well as for this:

Now, I know this is a difference of eras, but styles make fights. Cardi B has a future hit with "Bickenhead" and we know this. I suspect the Three Six Mafia femcee knows it too. Now, other members of the Triple 6 have co-signed "Bickenhead," which borrows/pays homage to Project Pat's "Chickhead" which features LaChat. Check it out both songs for a refresher.

Now, here is what LaChat said in a new diss song to Cardi B. She basically said that Cardi stole her words and didn't even give her so much as a shout out:

LaChat is dope af! We need her to get a better studio though.

Anyone associated with this chick will leave with a tarnished image at the least. History will judge this whole scheme for what it is. Although lucrative, this whole story of a girl being exploited by men her whole life turned success story is just sad. What she needs is a hug and some therapy for all the sexual and physical abuse she obviously suffered from. This chick is a victim of Capitalist, possibly racist, marketing. Taylor Swift makes more than all of the "urban" artists put together and she keeps her clothes on. (BUT she's a ho) Hip Hop will survive though.

Very raw and true statement. that being said, she is getting money so her all acts will be excused.

La Chat... Not LeChat... La Chat...

my bad! LaChat was hardcore. Glad she didn't see this.

Cardi and Shitake? I bet its those Koch brothers who are secretly behind these two walking stereotypes.