Cardi B Puts King Yella On Blast!


Cardi put that man on speaker phone and went in!

By Ne'Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) If there’s one thing you cannot do, you cannot speak ill on Cardi B’s name! The rapper decided to handle a rumor up close, and personal when she taped herself having a conversation with King Yella.

He decided to flap his gums and spread the word that he had relations with Cardi.

Well, long story short, she wasn’t having it! Along with many expletives and high pitched shrills, she addressed him directly. She claims that she only “tolerated” his presence, and only knew him thru her ex-fiancee Tommy.

She specifically stated that she NEVER had any inappropriate contact with Yella, to which he could only respond with stutters and the like. Is everyone coming for Cardi nowadays? Must be the cost of fame....

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