Cardi B's Publicist Whorides On Old Australian Woman For Talking Crazy To Bardi!

Cardi's team isn't playing with people here or overseas! Did she overreact or did she do right by her client?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Cardi B is not to be played with and her publicist ain't either. Cardi recently had a highly touted performance over in Australia and it went well - until it was over. When it was over, Cardi was making her way and didn't want to be bothered by the human race. She had her bodyguard, entourage and her other bodyguard, her publicist! Patience Foster is not to be played with! The Delaware native - like the founders of AllHipHop - is a G! Cardi was either at the mall or the airport - OK, it was the airport - and didn't want to be bothered. Really old white Australian people wanted to get pictures with the Bodak Queen! And she covered her entire head and refused to their chagrin. But, when an Aussie said, "no wonder your husband left you," Patience lost her damn patience! She snapped saying, she'd "smack the shit" out of the old battleaxe fan.

Now, there has been much debate over who is in the wrong here. But, I think the Aussie was out of line. I once tried to get a picture with my love, who is now married, Kelly Rowland and I was denied. I just took my L and kept it moving. I actually found a corner and cried silent tears, but that's not the issue. I didn't throw insults! That old lady should have went to the concert if she wanted to see Cardi Bardi and then she should have gone to the concert. The old lady just showed her ugly, potentially racist ass, when she was denied. I am sure Cardi was wiped. SHE'S HUMAN!

Anyway...check out the scene and check out Cardi's explanation.

I admit, I didn't look at these vids of Cardi. I can't do it on a Sunday. Maybe tomorrow.

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I am Australian an that woman was a foul old cunt! Fuck her!! An I’ll toss in a Fuck you, to illseed for that ‘Potentially racist’ bullshit.. nice reach.. That’s as petty as this dumb bitch.