Casanova Calls Out Troy Ave For Being A Snitch!

It's safe to say that Casanonva and Troy Ave may never bury the hatchet.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) The war of words between Casanova and Troy Ave continues. The latest round stems from a recent diss record released by Troy Ave.

The record "2 Legit 2 Quit" features some harsh bars from Troy Ave. An animated version of the rapper can also be seen throwing a middle finger from a court stand.

"I’m only loyal to my fam, middle finger from the stand, it’s either me or you," rapped Troy Ave.

The animated visual features animated reinterpretations of incidents surrounding Troy Ave's life.

Casanova caught wind of the visual with Troy Ave trending on Twitter and offered his opinion on the video.

"Watch out for a N***a that put out song and say "I'm only loyal to my fam middle finger from the stand it's either me or its you" cause they f*cking RATS!!!!! Ok I'm going back to being p***y can't argue with a n***a that's taking the stand," said Casanova.

Troy Ave also posted a screenshot of the visual and offered up the following caption.

"This video is currently banned from television due to "problematic violence" Fortunately #RealOnes could Watch it in my Bio Ya Boi Won't Be Stopped.," said Troy Ave.

Their war of words dates back to the incident that led to Hip Hop podcaster Taxstone being incarcerated. The incident resulted in the death of Troy Ave’s bodyguard.

Taxstone is currently imprisoned and fighting the charges being brought against him for the 2016 incident. Troy Ave was also charged with crimes related to the incident, but not charged with the death of his bodyguard.

How do you feel about Troy Ave’s latest video?

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Wait a second. Didn't Tax tell the cops why are they after him Troy did the shooting. But yeah facing life in prison let me tell you dudes gonna snitch. All that tough talk is for the birds. The dudes that think to put their mans in that position don't care nothing about that. Dudes that talk reckless and disrespect another man to his core for no reason don't have morals. So thinking that snitching is above them is dumb.