Cassie Confuses Everybody By Showing Love To Diddy

Diddy and Cassie seemed to be over, but not it seems to be an ongoing thing. Sheesh!

(AllHipHop Rumors) First thing first! Happy Birthday, Diddy!

Cassie and Diddy are going to get back together. That is my proclamation right now. First of all, she has consistently given us mixed signals on the state of affairs with her and Diddy. Let me keep it a BUCK - I want them to work it out! They have been together for a whole 11 years! She's 32 and he's 49. That's a considerable difference, but it seems to be working out! She recently hit us with the weird statement when she said:

Now, today as Diddy jumps out of a plane for his birthday, Cassie sends her regards.

"Happy Birthday, King" she posted on her IG stories. But, here is the catch. She "signed" the thing "CC." What does CC represent, when Cassie's last name is Ventura? Could it be "Cassic Combs"?

I'm thinking she has cooled off and is not making a play to get back with her King! Some have said that she's being sarcastic and funny, but I don't think so.