Cassie Makes Cryptic Comment...About Diddy?

Is Cassie ready to spill the beans or is she just pissy at her breakup with Diddy?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Cassie is pissed! I don't know the terms of her split from Diddy, but she is not a happy camper! I wonder what happened! Look at what she posted!

Do you think she will be revealing secrets or serving TEA, as they now say in the world of Gossip? These two were together for 11 years! That's an eternity in the entertainment world! Of course this message from Cassie could mean nothing. But, more likely, she's saying something about the relationship. Quite frankly, I think she's saying something directly to the Asian babe that Diddy is allegedly seeing. Of course, Diddy has EMPHATICALLY stated he's not saying that babe. He even went and unfollowed her in social media, but that has all fueled the speculation that they ARE together.

I am not gonna lie...I wish they worked out. Cassie is dope!