Celebrities Join In On Clowning Soulja Boy With #SouljaBoyChallenge

Soulja Boy and his antics are the gift that keeps on giving. He is a special kind of fool man. LOL.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Anyway, Soulja Boy’s seemingly exaggerated and fraudulent story of him shooting and killing a robber has gone viral causing the internet to erupt in laughter, memes and none other than #SouljaBoyChallenge videos.

Celebrities down to your regular folk couldn’t help but to get in on the challenge. Joe Budden, Mike Epps, Michael Blackson, DC Young Fly, and many more reenacted the ridiculous interview of Soulja Boy with DJ Vlad.

In a plot twist, a guy and his crew sat down with Vlad to discuss him being shot by Soulja Boy, however, he says Soulja Boy’s description of what took place is a complete lie.

This can’t be real. Like is dude a paid actor? Check out these hilarious challenge videos below.

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