Check Out ASAP Rocky's Jail And See If Its Like Rikers Or A College Dorm!

What is the living condition that ASAP Rocky is living in? Take a look!

(AllHipHop Rumors) When we first heard of the jail situation with ASAP Rocky, people were startled and concerned. Wait a second, let me back up. Last week, the dude is basically being harassed by some locals in Sweden. And the whole thing is on video tape. The repeatedly asked the man to leave them alone, but apparently some damage to the man's headphone made him unable to stop bothering him ASAP. He kept bothering ASAP and the Crew. Finally, a woman says that man sexually assaulted her and ASAP went OFF... The rapper throws him around like a rag doll and then the crew jumps in to help further solidify his "L." But that wouldn't last for long. ASAP Rocky, the prince of Harlem, New York, would be arrested and tossed in a cell.

At first, we were told a myriad of things, including that his jail conditions were deplorable! He was sleeping on a yoga mat and fed an apple a day. I was expecting to see images of ASAP looking like a skeleton or something, based on those initial reports that came from "sources." I am starting to think these sources are not much different than some random person that says something to the media in anonymity. Why? It is now being revealed that perhaps ASAP is not living in squalor the way it was originally reported. Peep this from some more "sources."

So, this is what they are saying are the REAL jails in Sweden. I am personally inclined to believe it for some reason. Sweden just impressed me as a nice, white af place. ASAP Rocky has been to Rikers Island so he knows a bit about being behind those walls. That also was a long time ago. Also, a pretty long time ago was ASAP Rocky saying some pretty ignorant stuff about Mike Brown, Ferguson and Black Lives Matter. Some people are using THAT as a reason to not give AF about ASAP at all. "Let 'em die in a Swedish jail," they say!

By the way, if ya wanna see the jail ASAP is actually in, peep their website .

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if he thinks thats bad, he has no idea being in GP where there is only supposed to be like 100people and there are like 200 and theres no where to sleep


Somebody doing damage control