Chicago Brings Unity In Hip-Hop, Twitter Brings Beef


Nas and 50 used to be bitter enemies, but no more. 50 cent and Meek is another weird story.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The streets are ablaze from All-Star Weekend! The slam dunk contest showed that anything is possible! I don't know what you all know about 50 Cent and Nas but they have a history of beefing with each other. Those days are LONG gone and they are now older and wiser. The linked up, along with "manager" Steve Stoute, to show that "Queens Still Gets The Money." 

How dope is this? Now, below is something that isn't as dope. 50 Cent talking about home he wanted to punch Meek Mill in the midst of the beef with Drake. 

OF COURSE Meek had to respond with a comment, suggesting he wanted some smoke. 

I know that 50 Cent has professed that he is not longer going to be beefing with people. It would appear that this is holding up. I hope so...we don't need anything between Meek and Fif at this time. 

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Meek is a bit delusional. Since he been on this “prison reform” platform, he has not gotten anyone free from prison yet. To be honest, you he almost never even mentions it. That Kim K chick got more people free than he did.