Chicago Lets A Blogger Know Exactly How Real It Is


A guy gets shot and people rejoice. Wow. You have to see why people are feeling good about it. :/

(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently, the streets have caught on to these “street reporter” bloggers out here. As you know with people like Akademiks, a lot of dudes are coming up by “reporting” on what is going on, but really are exploiting what is going on. ALLEGEDLY.

WELP! The Chicago blogger known only as ‘Chicago World News’ was reportedly shot five times the other day. I never heard of him before the shooting, but now that we did, lets talk. I have seen people comment on this and they said dude was a “vulture” and that what he was reporting on was not really good for the streets.

So, I did some research and I see dude was universally loathed. The one kid rejoiced at him getting shot and said he continually snitched. I can’t condone the shooting, but if you are going to play in that arena, be prepared for whatever.

Here are some other videos.

Yoooooooo….they really were never feeling dude. He lived right in Chicago, unlike Akademiks.

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Dude was a clown. Just like all the rats he covers and their stupid gang affiliations. Time for black People to straighten up or self destruct