Chief Keef Affiliate Tadoe Abuses Cuban Doll Then Uploads Video

After exchanging words with Rapper 6ix9ine, Chief Keef affiliate Tadoe abuses girlfriend then uploads video.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Chief Keef affiliate and fellow rapper Tadoe is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. All the reasons are bad and really aren't helping anybody in this situation.

The rapper recently exchanged words with 6ix9ine after 6ix9ine chatted with his girlfriend. Tadoe's girlfriend is fellow up-and-coming artist Cuban Doll. Cuban Doll was speaking with 6ix9ine when Tadoe accused her of flirting with him.

Tadoe and 6ix9ine would then exchange harsh words with each other as Tadoe was upset. After this, Tadoe would upload a video of his girlfriend in the hospital waiting to receive medical attention.

The caption on the video would mention Tadoe saying "he cheats on her and beats her for entertaining other guys."

The entire situation is a sad one as these are the types of things happening to young women in the Hip-Hop world. Even more astonishing is the younger rappers ability to stand behind their actions such as this.

We're definitely living in a different Hip-Hop. Let's hope this issue doesn't continue to escalate and all parties can remain

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